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Full Version: Notable Japan-only Games
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Bomberman Jetters: Densetsu no Bomberman (more commonly referred to as Bomberman Jetters GBA though, I guess), AKA the game where you play as Mighty, is an RPG that uses Bomberman Tournament's engine. Bomberman Jetters was quite popular since it was an anime and the only game that got released over here was the GameCube/PlayStation game simply titled "Bomberman Jetters".

In the same vein there is also Bomberman Jetters: Game Collection that has a bunch of minigames, a pinball mode and battle mode, plus REALLY nice unlockable gallery art. I'm not sure how popular it was considering it's a party-type game but figured it was worth throwing out there.

There's also the Eggerland games that are mostly for the NES. The table shows which are Japan-exclusive and, in the case of the two Adventures of Lolo games in the top portion, are basically much harder versions of the US counterparts (in the bottom segment) and thus can more or less be considered their own games.

Hope that helps at all. Tongue
(11-10-2016, 10:39 PM)Goemar Wrote: [ -> ]Oh and Doki Doki Amusement park on the Famicon as well. Like honestly I'm not sure if that's the game's real name as the Internet doesn't seem to know about it...

I think this was ported to Europe as a Trolls game. I think it's called Trolls in Crazyland, and literally the only change is the main character's graphic and his girlfriend in the ending.

If I'm wrong and it's just a hack, I'd be all for seeing this, the game is good.

Also I don't know if it was suggested because I don't know what it's called, but is that fighting game akin to Smash Bros that features Hudson characters along with Simon Belmont, Optimus Prime and Megatron out of the question because it was GameCube era? (Or was it PS2?)
Great japan only games that come to mind Giftpia plays (alot like animal crossing), Captain Rainbow and Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love.
There are two games for the Famicom based on an old japanese franchise Paaman (also known as Perman). to me it seems like a parody of western superheroes intended for a young audience. the first game isn't too bad but the second game is a huge improvement.
F-Zero X Expansion Kit (due to N64DD's failure) and F-Zero Climax.
Coincidentially, both of these games are the only ones in their franchise to have a track editor and that hurts my creative heart. I've been wanting a western release of F-Zero Expansion Kit for sooooooooo long.
Been forever since I posted on here just to say Front Mission series in general, in case the post I made on VGFacts gets missed. One of Square's biggest series, with 7 main games and 4 spin offs, and nearly half of them being Japan exclusive. According to Koichiro Sakamoto, this is due to vocabulary and situations considered faux pas outside of Japan. Fairly large fan community has translated many of the games in the series, however.
Other series with a lot of exclusives would be Fire Emblem and debate-ably Dragon Quest, though its gotten a lot of ports to the DS and 3DS in the last few years.
On a side note: I really wish that Bomberman Jettera GBA game would get an English patch... seemed pretty good.
It was being worked on as a fan project over on the Bomberman Board and then stopped... There are people out there who would translate it for pay, though.
oh. this series is ok. i wish it had a cute intro animation.

how have you not done a cho aniki episode yet. boycotting region locked until i get my cho aniki episode

ummm i GUESS 3 others that'd be interesting is

- the Parodius series
- the Wonder Project series (these seem really Japanese)
- the DS Jump Superstars series. People know about them, but the premise is really, really neat

The people at Facts have been notified of your request.
Oh! Please cover the Daigasso Band Brothers series!!_Band_Brothers
(11-11-2016, 10:25 PM)Mighty Jetters Wrote: [ -> ]It was being worked on as a fan project over on the Bomberman Board and then stopped... There are people out there who would translate it for pay, though.

If I ever win the Lottery I will get it done (along with Ganbare Goemon 3 and 4). Unless we can get some crowd funding going...

(11-12-2016, 07:09 AM)Koopaul Wrote: [ -> ]Oh! Please cover the Daigasso Band Brothers series!!_Band_Brothers

The second one came out in Europe... does that count as I'm guessing it's pretty much the same game?
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru / For Frogs the Bell Tolls

I really enjoyed the game when I was ripping from it. I was hoping when the character appeared as an assist trophy in Smash it would lead to them releasing an official translation for Virtual Console so other people could play it, but no such luck.

Anyways, since the Prince of Sable appears in Smash 4 alongside Takamaru, you've already got yourself a segue.
How about an episode on the Medarot games that are only released in japan or Okaeri! Chibi-robo! Happy richie ōsōji! / Welcome home chibi-robo! Happy, rich big sweep! on the ds?
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