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Full Version: Spoil Without Context
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Same as title. Spoil the ending or whatever from your favourite game(s) but without context. Here's mine for starters.
1: You are merely a dream
2: Everything you've done was a simulation
3: The almighty gods turns out be little critters.
1: you become a human in the end
2: planet explodes as your ship barely escapes the blast
3: a kettle is defeated
1: You stop a mechanical meteorite from crashing into your home planet
2: Your friends take the entire game to get to your location to help
3: You fight a psychotic scientist as the true final boss
No one will figure this one out in a million years!

1. Stuck in dream world.
2. Beat all nightmares and wake a sleeping dude.
3. Everyone disappears, forever, from that action.
4. Wake up stranded in the ocean.
1. Little boy blames super hero team for his mother's death.
2. Little boy learns that his mother gave her life to save the earth.
3. Little boy joins super hero team.
Some people seem to be numbering for one game and others for multiple. Just noting that I'm doing multiple. Also, some of them have multiple endings, these are what I like best.

1. You usher in a new age in the image of men rather than following the path of old Gods.

2. You become a cosmic slug child.

3. You stop a world-ending terrorist attack spurred by mind controlling aliens.

4. Your actions save the world, but bring an end to magic.

4b. Same as 4, but your friend also disappears.

5. You get back your fruit.

6. You save the Statue of Liberty.

7. You fade into obscurity and lead a presumably happy life, while a former friend is assassinated for his over-ambitious and frightening nature.

8. You snuff out a dangerous rise for change against the oppressors of the enemy.

9. You seemingly sacrifice yourself to blow up an incoming satellite to save your friends and ultimately a cradle of life for remaining humanity.

10. Kingdom Hearts... Sometimes.
1. Your actions will directly change borders.
2. You either fight a glorified tyrant or a military tyrant.
3. I'm not saying this because I have to.
1. Destroy space station.
2. Space fight.
3. Island once again suspended in mid-air.
1. war.
2. expansion comes out.
3. Time for another month.
Here's another entries courtesy of me.

1: Your girlfriend gets killed and she stays that way because you forgot to make the wish.

2: Your dad is a world-destroying whale.

3: Her brain holds the cure.
1. Lose family.

2. Become a super being.

3. Find a Super being.

4. Super being tells you where you family is.

5. Help Super being by traveling through time.

6. Fight and steal from the super being.

7. Return it to the super being in the present being tells you alines took your family here is a powah go fight them.

8. Fight the aliens. Defeat the aliens.

9. Get back family. Peace out.
1. Relive childhood.

2. Constantly get assaulted by lasers.

3. Beat game.
1. Shoot a gun at space
2. Left on the wasteland that is the Earth
3. Also in space at the same time but not really it's complicated
1. Collects the last thing in a space station.
2. Turns out that it was a dream but perhaps not?
3. Hints towards relaxing on a beach.
1. You're in the sky but not flying or falling.
2. Racist undertones.
3. Now you're covered in water.
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