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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 5: _____-em-up!
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Welcome to round 5 our our wildly successful ripping projects! I hope you're all hyped!
This time we're going to be focusing on two styles of games; Beat-em-ups and Shoot-em-ups. There was kind of an even split, so why not try both?

And why not put a spin on it? We're going to divide ourselves into two teams (if you so choose); Team Beat and Team Shoot. Then we see who can rip the most by the end of this project. What do you win? I'm not too sure yet. Put your suggestions in the comments!

Seeing as I'm no good at shooters, I'll be on Team Beat.

Kacho on!

Team Beat
1. Tonberry2k
2. Dazzipoo
3. A.J. Nitro
4. ShadeDBZ
5. Cyrus Annihilator
6. Ant19831983
7. Belial
8. Mighty Jetters
9. RadSpyro
10. Yawackhary
11. rgveda99

Team Shoot
1. Random Talking Bush
2. Magma Dragoon
3. TomGuycott
4. Gaia
5. Deathbringer
6. Maxim
7. Davy Jones
8. Techokami
I'll take "Team Shoot" -- I've got a bunch of Parodius rips calling out for me to rip them.
I'm joining team beat, though I'm not sure how much I'll rip I'm sure I can pound a few babies out.
If I ever feel like it, I'd like to try Turtles in Time so put me under team beat. I can't say I'll be starting anything any time soon though.
I will be on Shoot, of course!

Can we be posting sheets already?
Team Beat all the way!
Don't know when I'll start this week, but put me down for Team Shoot. It needs more love.

Is it mainly just scrolling shooters like Gradius and stuff like that? Or is it also basic run and gun kind of stuff too?
Team BEAT!

And you can leave "Shadow over Mystara" playable chars with me! I plan to rip every frame with ALL THE POSSIBLE WEAPOWS (so help me God!).
You know me, beat 'em up baby, yeah Big Grin
Any chance the opposite sides could impose challenges or make requests of the other side?

Because I'd love to see the beat-em-up side tackle THIS game:

Personally, I'd love to see that Baseball Batman game ripped. Tongue
Guys, I've already ripped some enemies from Ninja Warriors Again (SNES), but I don't know its names!
Much appreciated if someone could help me...

Here are some exemples (unfinished):
I don't remember them having official names. I think generic names are enough.

Now to get into business:

Gradius (Arcade):

[Image: bwZKi.png]

Nemesis' 90 Kai (Other Systems):

[Image: JkQmL.png][Image: FWQKd.png]
Here you go Tom!Wink
[Image: i5piIMLtkyzv.png]
[Image: iTGxTCZOlrFtS.png]
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