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Universal Rules + (Updated June 11, 2014)
Rule 1.3 is now 1.4 and I added a new 1.3 to let submitters know about that point.
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I also corrected a couple typos in that new rule. Tongue
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Refined rule 8 about bumping your topic a lot for only tiny changes as it's been the case somewhere here recently. Please don't do it, wait until you have enough to add to warrant a bump.
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added a small part to the bottom of rule 6.3 about how dropping in to ask people to rip things for you is only allowed if the OP specifically states that they're taking requests. I also edited the wording near the beginning of the same rule a little.

(also closing this again so that no one other than staff can post in it)

EDIT: I just noticed I've been abusing the thank button instinctively in this thread, my bad. Embarassed
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Replaced the updated GameDev rules with the updated updated GameDev rules.
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UPDATE (12/10/2013)

  • Named the specific section rules "Secondary Rules";
  • Added a small observation regarding the Secondary Rules:
    • NOTE: The rules listed below may be slightly outdated because they're crossposted from the actual rule thread in the corresponding section. We do our best to keep the rules updated in all places, but sometimes inaccuracies may happen. It is advisable to read the rules in the actual forum thread.

      If accuracies do exist, the valid version is the one posted in the actual forum thread.
  • Reformatted some of the rules layout to combine with the rest. No text was modified;
  • Added break lines between section rules to improve readability.
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Updated rule #4 to reflect recently discussed issues regarding linking to or providing instructions to obtain ROMs.
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