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The Official M&L3 Ripping Project *WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS*
Okay, I claim sunflower snifit now, will be finished soon -.-
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(02-14-2009, 02:08 PM)Mageker Wrote: Setting up the emulation is not a hassle, everyone here already got it working.

Not everyone is always here. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the game past the new game screen in No$GBA, and I only get 1 fps with DeSmuMe. And the graphics are pretty screwed up when the game gets to a certain point in iDeaS.
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Oh btw, I'll have to claim another enemy: king lakitu. I have already started ripping it, so I want to finish it.
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I'm grabbing the 8-directional running poses for both Mario and Luigi.

I'll edit this post after I finish.

here's Mario
[Image: mlrpg3mariorunff2.png]

and Luigi
[Image: mlrpg3luigirunji7.png]
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Sunflower snifit finished. I'm sorry, I couldn't get rid of bowser's air in the swallowed pose, that's why it has got that weird pallet... anyway, here is it.

[Image: sunflowersnifiticonbf7.png]
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Sorry to rush, but I kinda need the Mario's overworld jumping sprites, same with Luigi. :<
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I updated the sheet x.x I forgot to delete some blue pixels, it's fixed now.
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Snifit Butterfly is the weirdest thing ive ever seen
[Image: JSW7XoM.png][Image: M9AUckK.png]
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Good luck with that, Elyk!
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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I would like to help with this!
But I cant get the game running...
Could someone help me out here?
Dont hurt me...
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AJ.: could you put my name in the claimed sheets?
I claimed Brirock
[Image: scaled.php?server=441&filename=ipposig.png&res=medium]
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[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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Another one... It hasn't got overworld. I guess I'll claim the parasite sworm / possesed chomp or whatever it's called now.

[Image: kinglakituicontl0.png]
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Ok adding this now! And remember, you can't claim everything at once, but you can claim something new for every small sheet you finish like Mageker is doing.
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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Yeah...what the hell? You put up a request like this and everyone gets interested. I put up a request and already someone tells me I made a mistake.
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