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put palettes into sprites manually?
Not sure if this goes here or in Ripping Help, but it isn't about ripping itself, so asking here:

Basially, one set of sprites for a spritesheet is missing its correct palette and I can for the life of me not find where the real palette is hidden. Because while the entire rest of the sprites use the palette(s) that came with the file, that one set just doesn't. it's an explosion effect that happens after defeating an enemy. The explosion is always part of the enemy sprites, but its palette is never in any of them. And I know none of those palettes are correct because I've got images of how it's supposed to look.

TLDR, can I just use the color drop tool on my image editor of choice to put the right colors in manually, or does that go against any rules or something? Idk, sprite purity?

(or alternatively: does anyone wanna help search some files for a palette Tongue)
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About which game / sprite sheet are we talking about? Can you post a link?
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(05-18-2024, 03:09 PM)BarackĀ Obama Wrote: About which game / sprite sheet are we talking about? Can you post a link?

Not one that's been uploaded yet, if that was the assumption. Sorry bout the confusion. But if not, sprite sheet's are basically every normal enemy of Legend of Kage 2. It's pretty much completely rippable via Tinke without much problem.

This here is one of them:
But that cloud thing is supposed to look like this:    

I'm fairly certain the enemies all use the same one or two cloud effect upon death and they all just have their own for optimization purposes or smth, but even then, there's no seperate palette for that effect anywhere I could find either. I could also leave the death cloud out of the sheets and submit it as its own thing if the palette ever does appear somewhere after all, but that seems kinda iffy?
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