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Question about a wiki.
I've recently ripped some sprites from Zoo Tycoon DS and two sprites on the sheet in particular I would like to upload to the fan wiki for the games, to better represent the animals than what's already on there. Unlike the PC version the DS port makes you buy cards during the games campaign to even view a higher res image of the animal, and you have to win the scenario to keep them. This is fine at the beginning, but toward the end the game gets harder, and has a tendency to glitch and bug out, so no one has bothered to get them in the past. The wiki is using very low quality images of these two animals as a consequence of that. These two sprites were actually the reason I bothered to rip the rest to begin with lol.

Basically, would it be okay to upload two isolated sprites from my sheet to a wiki while it's still pending, or would this make it take longer in the queue? The topic pinned about queue lengths mentions newer uploaders usually get checked to make sure they haven't yoinked it from elsewhere, so I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: NVM just as I posted this it got approved Heart thank youuuu
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I would just wait for a new PM with the result of your submission. That way, you can also link back to it if anyone doubts if it's real or just fan made.
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