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[Solved] Need help to rip Uncharted Waters Origin's music
Hello everyone, i am currently trying to rip the music from Uncharted Waters Origin but i have arrived at a pit stop. Here's what i tried to do since it's probably important info.

First, i ripped the .pak using quickBMS with a script from UE4_specific_scripts on CS.RIN.RU's AES Key post.
Then, i was able to rip the .uasset located in Uwo/Content/common/Sound/Wave/Bgm with a bms scripts in sound_extraction_UE4 from the same post on CS.RIN.RU.
I got .adpcm and .vem files that cannot be played/extracted anywhere. I have tried almost every version of vgmstream available on Windows, a few ADPCM Converters and a bunch of WEM converter but the only info i could get was when using VGSC with .adpcm files, the software detected it as Yamaha AICA 4-bit ADPCM but when it extracted it, it was just noise. (didn't work with .wem files)
Umodel specific build doesn't work with the extracted sounds from the .pak. It either crashes when extracting (with a different error depending on the song) or it doesn't extract anything. Fmodel cannot access the .pak and it doesn't work when putting the directory of the extracted .pak or when trying to open them directly.

I'm honestly not sure where to go from there. I don't know where the problem comes from, if the .adpcm and .wem files are corrupted or encrypted and how to get readable audio files from this game.

PS: Can i link some of the .wem and .adpcm ?(I don't know if it break the rule about posting illegal stuff)
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I tried again and found a convoluted way to do it so here's a tutorial to extract the audio files. I've also uploaded the music on Youtube and KHInsider for the people interested.

Unreal Engine 4.27.2
FModel (UnrealPak Viewer and UEviewer doesn't work)
Steam version of the game (Haven't tested it on mobile)

Disclaimer: The only way i have found that works is by extracting the .pak that use a custom encryption put them back in a .pak but if you can code you can probably modify '' from 'UE4_specific_scripts' to only decrypt the files, not extract them.

1) Launch the game once for the game to update and close it.

2) Extract QuickBMS and launch 'quickbms_4gb_files.exe' It wil then ask you for a script.

3) Extract 'UE4_specific_scripts' and select ''.

4) On Steam, right click on the game in the sidebar and go to Manage -> Browse Local files and go to 'PATHTOGAME\Uncharted Waters Origin\Uwo\Content\Paks'. Select the .pak not the .sig.

5) Choose the output folder you want

6) when the software asks you for a variable key give it and when it asks if 'you want to continue with this and any other requested dll/code ?',  press y and enter (do not say yes or it will corrupt the .pak)

7) Wait for the files to be extracted. It will ask you for a variable KEY once again, give it every time it asks you. Pay attention or you might close the application by pressing enter after there's an error. This will give you .uexp .ubulk and .uasset files but the problem is that we can't play them directly (as far as i know) so we'll need to put the files back into a .pak.

8) In 'Uwo\Content\Common' change the name of the folder named Sound to Audio otherwise Fmodel won't recognize it as audio files. For this tutorial, I'm only going to put the 'Common' folder back in .pak form as it would give me an error if i tried to put everything in it.

9) Create a .txt in Uwo\Content\Common. Name it however you want, put the text below in it and change PATHTOFILES with your path to said files. (include the "")

"PATHTOFILES\Uwo\Content\Common\*" "../../../Common/"

10) Go to 'PATHTOUNREALENGINE(\UE_4.27)\Engine\Binaries\Win64'. Open your console by pressing windows and typing cmd. Drag UnrealPak.exe to your console. It should look like this 

"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealPak.exe"

press space and give the name and place of your new pak.
Example: Creating the pak in C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\  and naming it 'newpak' would look like


After that, press space followed by '-Create=' followed without pressing space by dragging the created .txt file on the console.
It should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealPak.exe" C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\newpak.pak -Create=C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\QuickBMS\Output\Uwo\Content\Common\Paktext.txt

If you need more help there is a useful video tutorial here (only part of the video is useful to us but it is well explained).
Press Enter. It shouldn't take more than a minute but if the console looks frozen for a long time, press the arrow keys as it updates it for some reason.

11) Open FModel. If it doesn't put you on the Directory Selector page go to Directory->Selector. click the button below 'add undetected game'. Give it a name, put the directory of your handmade .pak and press OK. If it asks you for a version select UE4.27

12) You can now (finally) explore the audio files (Unless the Audio folder doesn't have a music note as a logo, that means that it isn't recognized as a folder containing Audio). Most of the music is located in "Audio\Wave\Bgm" but there a few files that aren't in this folder. To hear and extract audio, right-click a file / folder and select "Extract Folder's Packages". To extract you simply right click on a file in the audio player and click save for a single file or save playlist for everything loaded. Beware that it might freeze for a long time if you try to save thousands of audio files at once.
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