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[CLOSED][Commission] Custom Spriteset for Pokemon Reborn
Hello there!

I am looking for someone who is willing to do a commission for custom Player Character sprites of the Fangame Pokemon Reborn.
The Images attached are all the ones that are used in the game (I did some recolouring, but I suck at those). I would like if all those could be made, however since there are way too many sprites needed I would understand if you didnt want to do them all. The important ones for me are:

- the vsTrainer sprite     
- the trainer sprite itself     
- the trback sprite (preferably with the same movement as shown in the attachment)     

The only payment option i have is Paypal with the currency Euros. 

The basis of the custom character would be (Again with my mediocre recolouring skills)       although with minor changes to be discussed over pm.
Or the artists own idea.

All the sprites shown here are the property of the Reborn developers. I own nothing.

Thank your for your time reading this Post.

Regards, Soha

EDIT: Added a png
EDIT: The commission is closed.

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I have found someone who would do the overworld sprites. The only ones needed are now:

- the VS-sprite     
- the trback-sprite     

The basis will be      .
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I have found someone to do the rest. The commission has been fulfilled.
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