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various rips
Hey, thank you. Next time when I hit a wall, I will definitely try both out.
So far I tried snespal to change the bg colour, but it kept crashing and was essentially useless, since black seems to be too common within the ROM. I mainly use ZSNES due to its easy quicksave handling, the compatibility with vSNES and the quick F1 screenshot per frame function. Never really used anything else, but I'm pretty sure there are games where ZSNES can't do too much and SNES9x/BizHawk will be much better to use. Maybe at one point I'll give Crusher (Rise of the Robots) a try with one of them.

- Title & Splash Screens (Rise of the Robots, SNES)
- Cyborg (Rise of the Robots, SNES)
- Adol Christin (YS IV, SNES)
- Sailors (YS IV, SNES)

Progress on Erina (not Elena) Goldsmith (Super Variable Geo, SNES)
Also didn't know that she was from a H-game (the SNES version lacks the H-content, though).
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Super Variable Geo Move List

What's left:
- Victory
- Special Moves
- Jump Hit
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Special attacks ripped, Victory & Jump Hit still missing and I guess I will go after every single throw animation for her. 
Unfortunately, I can't do her Desperation Move. It just doesn't trigger.
Maybe there is a special condition under which the desperation move works or why it's called like that and not just "special move"?

I have no idea and also can't find documentation for it.
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Usually desperation moves require low health. If the game has the health bar that starts flashing when low on health, that might be what lets you use the DM.

EDIT: Got Reimi's DM to work, you just need low health (don't have an exact amount, so let's say as wide as your thumb).
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Thank you, Deathbringer. The animation is now ripped, alongside Jump Hit, Victory, Fight Prelude and Thrown by Ayako.

Now it only needs the throws by every other fighter except Satomi and Ayako. I'm really exhausted, btw. I will take a break from this sheet and continue it when I refilled my energy.

Ah yes, the sprites for the super fast punch combo are not separatable with vSNES, they're single full frames without overlays.
vSNES also corrupts the display of the player 1 character in SceneViewer if the moves are too fast or the frames change too fast. Doesn't happen with player 2, though.
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Finished Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (SNES) and oh my god, is it harder than Ys V: Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand and Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim.

Without these cheat codes below you will just throw the game into the deepest corner of your PC, as even the first boss Lemnos is frustrating as hell. His fire attack is instant kill and the last two bosses are nearly impossible even with 40.000 EXP, best equipment and all health items (elixier, herb). Then there was the witch boss, which I couldn't even damage even if she was standing (her vulnerable phase), I had to cheat more EXP into Adol and suddenly I could strike her.

Too bad exp farming is an endless grind marathon for hours and hours, also 15.000 Gold for an elixier? The other special items are also heavily overpriced and useless too, since you can't use them in boss fights and regular enemies spawn way too fast as you could have a use for it. Combat system is subpar, you can die within 1 second and also defeat the very same enemy within the same time. You basically bump into enemies from an odd angle to damage them and it's not really good, at least for bosses and these fast 1-Hit enemies and no, you don't receive a cooldown with invincibility frames, the faster your enemy bumps into you the faster you lose HP.

Also compared to Ys V, it looks really desolate for an SNES game, almost like a transition from NES to SNES. At least the English translation from Aeon Genesis is good, although the screen border breaks at least three times because of it (Guruda talking before you fight him, for example). Always breaks at the same part of the dialogue, too.

Ah yes, guides are also needed, especially in Stormvale Castle and the Silver Citadel, giant labyrinths and you have no idea where to go. And you know what takes the cake? Searching for items like the Golden Pedestal which is somehwere in Minea or even more glorious, the switch for the mirrors in Iris Tower, which is in the Silver Citadel, south of the revival chamber. If you search for a thing, this game gives you barely any hints (well, except for the Hero's Sword).

Not sure if I will ever play another Ys with bump combat (Ys I, II, IV), the regular sword swinging is so much better (Ys III, V & everything above).

Max Exp
Infinite HP
Infinite GP
ATTACK 7E0987**
DEFENSE 7E0989**
EXP. 7E097C**

Now an explanation for the exp. code. There are 4 values to be entered. If its just 2 values, like FF, for 255, enter it in 7E097CFF. For 4 values, like 2710, for 10,000 ( which is the max value) enter 27 on 7E097C and 10 on 7E097B. Get it, got it, good. Same goes for gold.

GOLD 7E0984**

The ** start at 04, then 08 do this for each pc. of equipment. Or, just enter FF for all ** and you'll get every item.
7E0B52** NEXT 5 PCS.
7E0B53** NEXT 7 PCS.
7E0B54** NEXT 8 PCS.


The maximum value for all ** are FF.

Had to put everything in code since my post kept breaking.

Anyway, I will try to rip as much as my motivation allows me, since all in all and despite my review above, I had fun with it. It's just not as good as other Ys games, that's all. I will definitely update Adol, as he is really incomplete (initially I thought about a few frames for him, since it's bump combat where he doesn't swing his sword). Turns out, he has more stuff. I will try a few bosses like the wizard lady, also some enemies and an NPC sheet.
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Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (SNES) - Savefiles for all places in the game, before cutscenes, bosses, etc. - .ZST & .SRM files

Now I have everything to start ripping.

Also noticed that vSNES can't read a game if no .ZST quicksaves are present in the same directory as the ROM. Never really thought about that.
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Adol Christin, WIP
[Image: v4jaaT9.png]
Still misses variants only with sword and only with shield, the bottom sprites also have a wrong palette, since the Stormvale changes palettes due to lightning.

Also submitted Golden Shrine (Exterior).
Thanked by: Ton
Nearly done, I want to do the water animation too:
[Image: zIe0K4H.png]

From this game:

Also submitted the Map Signpost (same game).
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- Adol Christin (Ys IV: Mask of the Sun, updated with all the frames)
- Map (Yoshi no Kuruppon: Oven de Cookie)

Both for SNES.
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Gillman of the Blue Lagoon (a.k.a Brook Shards) - the game calls him Squidman, though. From Zombies ate my Neighbours (SNES).
[Image: Yp9c5PM.png]
It's a re-rip (currently WIP), since the sheet on the site misses water/bubble sfx and up/down movement.

[Image: QKhrs7u.png]
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- Gillman (Zombies Ate My Neighbours, SNES)
- A lot of enemies for Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (SNES)
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Torneko no Daibouken - Fushigi no Dungeon (SNES)
Should be complete, but still WIP since it needs organization. It's one of the prioritized games from the SNES Full Library Project.

Btw this is from the Japanese version since the English one breaks when you apply the translation patch.


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- Torneko no Daibouken: Fushigi no Dungeon (Splash, Title & Save Screen)
- Super Variable Geo / Super V.G. (Erina Goldsmith / Elirin)

This Elirin sheet was something. I guess I'll stick to more compact sheets from now on and only try bigger things from time to time.
Anyway, another SNES fighting game got a representative fighter sheet.

These ones are also missing such a sheet:

- Art of Fighting
- Battle Blaze
- Hana no Keiji: Kumo no Kanata ni
- Hokuto no Ken 7: Seiken Retsuden Denshousha e no Michi
- King of Fighters 2000 (Bootleg)
- Osu!! Karate-bu
- Pit-Fighter
- World Heroes
- World Heroes 2

Then there are the three Fatal Fury games, which have mixed up icons and / or sheets and I don't really have an idea which one of these games has at least one fighter sheet.
If I decide to dive into this franchise, I'll take a look into all three of them and compare the ingame graphics with the stuff we have on the site and make some corrections.
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- Title from Brain Lord (SNES)

You die too fast and each time you do, half of your money is gone.
Game is pretty, though.
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