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Smash Ultimate Cookbook
Greetings Friends!

So like the title of this thread suggests, I'm working on a cookbook for my cousin themed around Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Essentially I'm gunning for a recipe per character. I've got recipes (or at least an idea for a recipe) for almost every character, but there are a few characters that have me stumped.

Those characters are:
-Zero Suit Samus
-Piranha Plant

Any suggestions will be much appreciated! That said, I do have somewhat of a criteria list for what gets in. If you do have any suggestions, please also let me know the logic behind your suggestion.

My criteria list is as follows (this order indicates priority):

1.) The food is the character's canonical favorite food.
-This criteria is pretty self explanatory. If the character has a favorite meal, that gets top priority. For example, in the Mother series the player puts in the main character's favorite food, so I'm using the first default answer as the canon favorite food for Ness and Lucas. Sonic straight up has a chili dog recipe, so that's an obvious choice as well.

2.) There is an in universe food that appears in the character's home game:
-A little bit more esoteric, but a lot of games do have food in them. If it's something the character would realistically eat, I'll count it. The more thematically relevant the better! Most of the Pokemon are getting this treatment honestly (Lava Cookie for Charizard, Rare Candy for Mewtwo, Malasadas for Incineroar, etc.). Something like the "pot roast" from Castelvania works as well.

3.) The food is culturally related to the character.
-This criteria is a bit more up in the air, but it's also my favorite! If there is an obvious real world inspiration on a character I'm down to check out recipes from that corner of the world. For example, Sarasaland's first kingdom is based off of Egypt so Daisy gets an Egyptian desert. The Castlevania series takes place in Transylvania, so Richter gets something Translyvanian. Wolf's surname is Irish, so he gets something from Ireland.

4.) Failing all else, if you have a somewhat logical explanation for why the food matches the character I'll consider it.
-Not sure what else to say for this requirement, it is a last ditch effort. Some examples I've already used are Bowser Jr. gets chocolate vanilla pudding because some of the goop in Super Mario Sunshine looked like pudding to me, and Chrom gets Shepard Pie because he is in charge of the Shepards.

And there you have it! Like I said, any recommendations would be much appreciated! If you are curious what your favorite characters' recipes are, I'll be more than happy to tell you! You can also check out my attempts of cooking food on Twitter if you are so inclined.
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For anyone who is curious, the cookbook is finished and was a great success! Here are the recipes I ended up going with.

-Samus: Falafel
-Zero Suit Samus: Toum

Metroid Dread gave the Chozo a bit of an Egyptian feel, so I went with some Egyptian dishes that went well together for Samus' two forms.

-Squirtle: Caramel Turtles

This one is admittedly a bit of a stretch, but since I couldn't think of anything more relevant I went with caramel turtles (or Squirtles in this case) for our amphibious friend.

-Ivysaur: Chestnut Stir-fry

I'm actually pretty proud of this one. If you ever played Hey You Pikachu! you may remember that there was a picnic game where you and Pikachu gathered ingredients to make various dishes. One of the dish types happened to be stir-fry. Now you may be wondering what, if anything this has to do with Ivysaur. See, Pikachu just gathered the ingredients, the cook happened to be a Bulbasaur. A tenuous connection to be sure, but I thought it was fun!

-Alph: Fruit Juice

If you, like me, haven't played Pikmin 3 you may be unaware that the entire premise of the game is that the characters are gathering fruit for sustenance. They turn this fruit into juice before consumption. This was a pretty easy choice once I did some research.

-R.O.B.: Flapjacks

Another stretch, but I went with flapjacks for R.O.B. since one of his games is Stack-Up. I figure you can use different flavors of jam on each flapjack before stacking them just like the different colored Stack-Up pieces!
Robots don't eat things okay?

-Robin: Liver-and-Eel Pie

So I was going to do a bolognese for Robin, since bolognese sounds kind of like bolganone (a huge stretch to be sure), but when I was looking over some dialogue for my recipe helper I was reminded of Robin's actual favorite food, Liver-and-Eel Pie. For any squeamish folk out there, eel is actually an optional ingredient and isn't usually used anymore. The history of this dish is actually pretty interesting but I'll leave it out for brevity.

-Ridley: Oyakodon

Oyakodon is a chicken and egg dish that literally means “parent-and-child rice bowl”. I figured that since the only thing we know for sure that Ridley eats is parents this was a good choice.

-Piranha Plant: Dirt Cup

To be clear, this is the crushed up oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy worm thing, not actual dirt. I was going to have this for Zero Suit Samus initially (because she was raised by birds) but when I went down the Egyptian route for Samus this felt a bit off theme. Fortunately it also works really well for the Piranha Plant!
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Since Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon, you could create a refreshing seafood dish like "Squirtle's Seaside Shrimp Scampi" or "Turtle Soup" (without actual turtle, of course!). And for a crunchy snack to enjoy while training your Pokémon, try making some delicious banana chips air fryer.
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(02-08-2024, 10:04 AM)Dominash Wrote: Since Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon, you could create a refreshing seafood dish like "Squirtle's Seaside Shrimp Scampi" or "Turtle Soup" (without actual turtle, of course!). And for a crunchy snack to enjoy while training your Pokémon, try making some delicious banana chips air fryer.

Thanks for the suggestions! I might actually revisit the Squirtle recipe now that the newer games have somewhat clarified the murky food situation Pokemon has always had. One of the sea food options from Scarlet and Violet would be a pretty fitting choice!

I actually did consider turtle soup pretty early on. But, as you somewhat alluded to in your comment, it doesn't seem quite right to have a fighter's recipe be made out of the fighter or some of their closest friends. One a related note, when I was looking into Scottish recipes for Fox, I found a few recipes for poultry, rabbits, and I'm pretty sure even one for frogs! Naturally considering the rest of the make up of team Star Fox, I opted for something that didn't have those specific ingredients.
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