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Shadow Lugia Rip & Upscale
[Image: XD001.png]
hi, new here, first time posting! I recently took some time into ripping and rigging the Shadow Lugia model from Gale of Darkness, and also gave upscaling it a shot, using blender for the model and a website that uses AI to upscale images for the textures. 

 The rigging is based on the Sword/Shield Lugia model and was quite a lengthy process, but the bones move and flex beautifully as a result!

Now it just needs some testing by others. I've organised the models into separate folders, both original and HD. The HD version isn't perfect - the topology is ugly, so the shading can look awful from some angles.

I have extensively checked these models for errors, the bones may need re-labelling if anything, but all the textures are there.
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