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Ripping From Windows 98-era Sesame Street Games
Specifically I'm talking about games such as the PC version of Elmo in Grouchland and Elmo's Preschool. Others like Sesame Street Numbers are likely the same ordeal.

I used Dragon Unpacker to rip sprites from these games (you can easily find them on sites like if you wanna check for yourself), and when it comes to the talking sprites and some other animations it rips sprites that are relatively normal .bmp files:
[Image: CTnaWgu.png]
In a lot of cases though images from these games have these as the only versions available with nothing else really:
[Image: kz3nU9e.png]

Anyone know how to get these sprites into a more 'proper' form? This is a Windows 98-era game from 1999. As mentioned earlier, games like Elmo's Preschool have the same ordeal going on. These games have sprites (as well as other assets like voice clips and whatnot) contained in .con files in a separate folder.
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