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One-Punch Man: The Strongest compressed .PNG files
Hey y'all. I got an inquiry that will likely require a BMS script.

So I'm ripping from One-Punch Man: The Strongest, it's got these compressed .PNGs with hex headers that say "SSKOSISNIUBILITY ............ 0(#)5CCZp" and then the rest of the bytes. Since the game is made by FingerFun I tried using a script for one of their other games (KOF'98 UM OL, script done by the Random Talking Bush over here ) but it unsurprisingly didn't work.

Looks like they changed the way they compress their .PNGs over there. Can't find any IHDR, IDAT, or IEND chunks in the hex.

I guess all I need is a BMS script that can decompress these .PNGs. I've looked into writing them myself but... I just can't do it man lol I'm so bad and it never works. Any help? I've included some sample files.

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I just got the file with support from ninjaripper Smile Cool
Here I am unable to upload files because they are limited. so uploaded to mega.

Link :

[Image: unknown.png?width=909&height=480]
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