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Hello there, World!

I've already made two posts, but I might as well post here to get some extra adrenaline. I'm Tooby_Two, and I've been browsing this website repetitively as a guest for a while, but decided I wanted to participate in some discussions regarding ripping models and creating sprite work for video games.

I'd consider myself new to this sort of thing. I picked up sprite work a while ago and I recently got really into ripping models. I rip models from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon USUM and SwSh, and Pokemon Rumble Rush. I am hoping to one day have the ability to get models from the 3D Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, specifically the world areas and towns. I create digital artwork with the models I have, and I also love to 3D print my favorite characters.

I'm a little nervous about posting all of the stuff I've made, but that's because I've never really participated in a true forum discussion before. I've been told by the people who have seen my stuff that I should share it online, so I'm looking forward to meeting people who share interests with me.

Thank you for receiving my hello, and I hope I can fit in with some of you. I'm extremely nervous, but this place really calls out to me in a strange way.
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Hello there! Welcome to the VG Resource!

I also rip models from Pokemon Rumble Rush and Pokemon Sword and Shield. Tongue
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