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Help with ripping location exclusive app
hello! sorry if the title is weird i didn't really know how to word it

anyway I want to rip 2d assets from the yokai watch world app (and maybe puni puni eventually, if i can figure this out...). however the app only works if you're in japan, and i don't live there. even if you download it from the japanese app store it only functions if you're actually there. is there any way to get around this?

i also have no idea how to even get everything from it in the first place since most of the assets seem to be stored on the servers rather than the app itself. i have an apk and converted it to a zip file but it didn't have anything i was looking for. can anyone help me with this?

thanks for reading! i'm really new to this so sorry if something i asked about had an obvious answer
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Did you try bluestacks tweaker?
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(04-05-2021, 08:37 AM)yuhuhoi Wrote: Did you try bluestacks tweaker?

just installed it and gave it a try; i was able to get punipuni working and should be able to get yww....where do i go from there?
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Download your game folder using tweaker.

It's either on the data/ or sdcard/

Then extract the files using AssetStudioGUI

Best of luck.

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