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[Negotiable pay] Request for numerous models from Metroid Prime 3
I would like to request, as a sample, the following items from Metroid Prime 3:
  • Samus (Power Suit and PED)
  • Reptilicus + Hunter variants
  • Meta and Omega Ridley
  • Pirate Militia and Troopers, along with their variants
  • Nearly all¬†vehicles (Samus' gunship,¬†Stilleto fighters, GFS Olympus, so on)
  • A few environmental pieces (Ceremonial Golems and the battering ram one uses)
This is not the full list. Ideally, I would like a compilation of every enemy and character in the game, along with (especially) the starships within. Vitally, these models must be to scale. If there is a difference between scale in cutscene and gameplay, then I would like both. I don't care if the models are properly textured as long as their dimensions, volume, and area can be adequately measured in Meshmixer (or alternative programs, if the commissionee has better ones to recommend).

As said in the title, this would be paid, and the pay is negotiable. To anyone interested, I'll write up a full list of the requested models and then we can work from there. I've never commissioned a model rip before, so I don't know what a reasonable rate is, but I have some hundreds to spare.

If any extra information should be in the request, inform me and I'll update it ASAP.
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