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How do I use Smash Forge for Ultimate
Hello! I'm someone who isn't really interested in modding, and just want to see and study the animations in the game. I was planning on using Smash Forge, but for whatever reason, there are no clear tutorials for it using it for Smash Ultimate. There is detailed how-tos for using it with Smash 4 and even Meele? But not for Smash Ultimate? 

I have the xcl file of the game and Smash 4 explorer software, but other than that, I'm kinda stuck on what I needed to do? 
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Smash Forge will not work with models from Ultimate. Gotta use either 1 of the 2 tools

Both of those can open models and play animations, but CrossMod has better shader/rendering processes.
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^ Smash Forge is strictly for Wii U, and some support for 3DS.

StudioSB also has a bit less of a memory usage footprint from my experience.
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