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Rhythm Tengoku Tap Trial Sprites
I don't even know how to start this.

So the user dyttendyttsson made their first sprite sheet, which is Rhythm Tengoku's Tap Trial minigame. I was hoping to ask if they could show me their sprite sheet so I can use it as reference to make custom sprites of the minigame. One problem, I don't exactly know how to ask that. I've already tried that on the Rhythm Tengoku Sprite page and got a warning from an admin (With a sort of insulting remark, no offense to that admin. It just felt that way to me and I don't know if you meant it like that.) 

So now I'm making this thread because I don't know if there's any option to ask, if it's polite to PM the user of the sprite sheet, or because I'm just a bit nervous.

If the user sees this, please respond if you want. I'm still new to the sites.
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