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Need (Serious) Tips/Pointers on my Three Owned GOG Games.
DISCLAIMER: Since I'm relatively new to the forums here, I'm not completely familiar with the forum setup. In fact, a few things on there are actually confusing. If this is not the right Board for this, I don't mind having it moved to something like "Game Discussion" at all. Thanks for understanding.

The gist of this thread is that I've bought three GOG games at least 1 year ago (2019), and now I'm beginning to suspect, at least with these 3 games only, that I'm not even actually improving in these games at all. In fact, I've genuinely tried for months, if not years, to actually make any sort of progress experience-wise on these 3 games. But nothing ever really came of it, not much, if anything, at all.

I'll list the games I'm having serious trouble with, which in fact are literally all 3 games I own in my GOG Galaxy as of this writing. I won't mention the specific problems I'm having with these, since I don't want this to get too complicated. In fact, you'd might be able to figure out how these games mentioned actually work anyway.
  1. SimCity 3000*
  2. Civilization IV
  3. Parkitect**
Thanks for any potentially helpful answers. In fact, literally none of my own strategies have actually bore anything of them, so I don't mine carbon-copying anyone else's strategy (strategies), or literally anything else from the internet in general, for that matter, if that means ever getting to (truly) succeed in those games at all. Thank you so much for all the support you give me for the time being.

*This is actually the one I'm having the least trouble with by a long shot. But for one, I've just simply brought it up since it's still technically part of my entire collection of GOG games with the majority of them I'm having serious trouble on. And secondly, serious help is still technically helpful in this particular case.

** Relatively opposite to the first bullet point, this is actually the one I'm having the most serious trouble on, and again, I do mean by a long shot.
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