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Have Spyro model, unfamiliar with texture setup
So I'm a novice model maker. I make my own models, but I don't rip them.
I've acquired the model of Spyro from the Reignited Trilogy game, and am trying to assemble his textures in a Blender file.
His textures are far more complicated than anything I've encountered thus far. I've been able to figure them out for the most part, but some of them just seem off.
For one, there are these "ARM" type textures included with him, that are bright orange in coloration. I can't seem to determine what their use is for, nor what "ARM" actually stands for.
Second, the textures for his eyes are all sorts of screwed up. I can't figure out what's supposed to go where. The textures for his irises also doesn't match the ones I see in in-game screenshots, and there seems to be duplicates of certain maps, like his normals. I have suspicions that he's missing a mesh that's supposed to attach to the front of his eye, which shouldn't be any problem to fix manually.
Please keep in mind that I'm not the one who ripped this model, so I can't do anything that involves something like re-ripping the textures.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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