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[RIPPING HELP] Love Live All Stars (Android)

I am trying to extract models from the android game Love Live All Stars, but I've run into MANY road blocks.

Here I'll list some methods I've come across. As of right now they won't work properly (or I'm doing something wrong) but with the right know how, someone might be able to pick up where these people left off. I've tried myself but so far, no luck Sad


This tutorial had me using QuickBMS and a script that was supposed to extract the game's assets. Unfortunately, the script is now out of date and the original author has given up on working on it. If anyone knows how to write BMS scripts I'm sure you'd be able to update it. I read the BMS Scripts tutorial here on VG resource but was unable to properly apply it to writing one for this game.

Their blog:

The script:

This one utilizes AssetStudio, Cinema 4D/Blender, and PmdEditor. A little while ago I actually managed to get some game objects by following this tutorial but I got stuck in one of the final steps (the steps are in chinese so they were a little difficult to follow since I could only understand them through my browser's auto-translator).
I decided to put it off until after I finish the semester but when I checked back, it wasn't working. 

However, I believe the issue is a relatively trivial one: I need the right FILE
I've downloaded several APKs of Love Live All Stars (From APKpure to very sketchy APK mod sites) but after loading them into Asset Studio the only mesh objects that showed up were the default unity ones (Sphere, cube, cylinder, etc.)
I'm guessing this is because Love Live All Stars is the type of game that downloads a majority of its assets after being installed, so the APK alone will not have the game models. If anyone knows how to load the unity3d file with the ENTIRE post-installation game, then this method would still probably work!


Similar to the previous method, this one relies on AssetStudio and I don't believe it will work unless you have the right file for the game. On the bright side, THESE METHODS WILL PROBABLY WORK FOR OTHER MOBILE GAMES AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE FULL GAME'S FILE, but for Love Live All Stars and games similar to it, these methods will not work.


This method is the first one I ever tried using and unfortunately I was doomed from the start. This method uses the NOX emulator and Ninjaripper to get android game files. However, it only works with certain earlier versions of NOX that only support Android API 19 and below (varies depending on the experiences of people in the comment section). That's bad news for Love Live All Stars because it can only run on android devices (and emulators) that run ANDROID API 21 and above.

I've tried several combinations but with no luck, it would seem that any recent version of NOX does not properly work with any recent version of Ninjaripper. If anyone knows how to bypass these limits, please let me know!


As for me, I will continue to look for other methods to extract the game models of Love Live All Star and will update here If I ever find something that works. I also made a post on zenhax and will update there as well.

I truly believe that Methods 1 and 2 are my best bet and because of that I advise anyone who also wants these models to focus on either:
A: Finding the right Unity3d file of the full Love Live All Stars game (not just the base APK)
B: Learn how to write BMS scripts and use QuickBMS to get the files.

I will also be doing both but I'm a slow learner, yet a very persistent one!
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