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Disney Heroes Battle Mode - Having Trouble Unpacking Textures
Hello everyone, I need help extracting textures from Disney Heroes Battle Mode.

I was successfully able to grab the game's asset files (environments, stickers, emojis, dialog, and yes, characters) but the thing is, I can't unpack the textures no matter what method I try.

For context, when I ripped the Android version of the game (version 2.2.30), I found through one of the .txt files that the game's files can be downloaded in three different types: .etc1, .etc2, and .pvr which I ended up doing for convenience. 

While this sounds great, I unfortunately can't use Spine 2D Professional's Texture Unpacker to load the textures. I tried loading the .atlas file from one of the .etc1, .etc2, and .pvr folders but each time I do, the program tells me that the formats are not recognized. I even tried using PVRTexTool to read a pvr file and it tells me that "the file is not a valid image or texture file, or is an unsupported format" (which shouldn't be true because it IS a pvr file).

The PVRTexTool situation tells me that the files might be encrypted which would explain why they couldn't be read.
So now my question is, how do I decrypt the .etc1, .etc2, and/or pvr files? Or do I have to decompress them somehow since they are compressed textures?

Again, I have all the assets and the only thing stopping these from being completely ripped and uploaded, are the compressed textures.
Any help is appreciated.
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The .etc1 files are actually .gz compression files with (unmarked) .etc1 files inside of them.

[Image: 09f63d4c5639547efa54f3a5961ee434.png]
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