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Ripping from Mario Strikers games
Hi, I'm really new to ripping, so I'm sorry in advance if the details aren't clear enough.

The games I want to rip from are the E3 and final versions of Super Mario Strikers, and Mario Strikers Charged. Both games already has majority of models ripped, but all of them aren't rigged, and in case of the E3 SMS models, they aren't even in the T-pose position.

But after I extracted all the files from the games, I can't seem to continue further. I got the .glg/.glt files for SMS, and .rlg/.rlt for MSC. I couldn't find any info about these files, aside from a QuickBMS thread, which I tired to use it but can't seem to go anywhere beyond that (see my example file list from QuickBMS below). Some people did asked on here before, but no one have answered those so far. I hope someone who actually know about the files will help me figure them out.

[Image: explorer-2020-09-19-12-39-14.png]

The .glt files also has the PTLG header and it extracts out as a .ptl file:
[Image: Hx-D-2020-09-19-12-39-43.png]
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The Switch Toolbox should have partial support for those files.
For skinning I took a quick look at those files when working on LM3 cause these games were made by NLG too. I got the bones and an idea about where the weights are but didn't have the time to test it. I may go back to these at some point

[Image: Capture38d858c45fa6ea09.png]
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Alright, I got some models exported. However, the models seems to have separate meshes for the parts that are supposed to be together (note how his right shoulder pad and part of his shorts being untextured):
[Image: blender-2020-09-21-16-55-36.png]
I tired using "Join" option but it turns the other part of the selected mesh into a solid color. Edit: I found out that I had to rename the UV maps for each meshes to the same one in order to retain the texture.
The E3 SMS models also seems to have texture issue:
[Image: Toolbox-2020-09-21-16-53-01.png]
[Image: Toolbox-2020-09-21-16-53-24.png]
Any ideas about those?

Also, @Joschka, how did you get the .glg files to work in Noesis? And where the weights/vertex groups infos are located?
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(09-21-2020, 05:05 AM)Z390 Wrote: Also, @Joschka, how did you get the .glg files to work in Noesis? And where the weights/vertex groups infos are located?

As I said I did a bit of work on that game's formats cause I was reversing LM3 : and I made some tests. That Luigi is from a test script I made.
As for the weights I had an idea but didn't confirm it since it was useless for me at the time, I may do a few tests when I have the time.
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Did a few tests on Luigi's GC model this evening
[Image: imagec95b66bd1fcc3451.png]
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I took a look at animations, these are extractable as well, the format is very similar to LM3's.
I gave all the information to KillzXGaming (the switch toolbox main developper) so support for rigging and animations will hopefully be added when he has the time, I don't have the time/motivation to make a user friendly noesis plugin for that game.
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Are there any progress on that support in Switch Toolbox? If there hasn't any, @Joschka, would you mind giving me the files you tested in Noesis?
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