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PSX textures - PVV just shows static
I've been looking for PS1 textures from the environments of various games, but nobody seems to be ripping those.  So obviously, I gotta do this myself.

I just downloaded PVV today.  I loaded it up and selected a savestate I just made from pcsxr (which I also just downloaded today because my copy of ePSXe isn't running for some reason.)
But all I see where it is supposed to show textures is nothing but colored static.

There are very few buttons in the interface, and none of them seem to rectify this.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.  Please advise.
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PSXprev might be compatible with the game that you're trying to rip from. It can rip textures and models.
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Save the save state in slot 1, because saving it to a different slot will result in static.
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all versions of PCSX I have used save the save states in a compressed format, so they're useless on their own.
Try this: Rename your save state file extension to ".gzip" and decompress it with whatever your favourite gzip decompressor is. The file that comes out should be bigger and if so, use that as your base.
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