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Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers talking & vocal (or singing) audio files
ooF i'm done for  Ded

i finally able to get the Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers talking & vocal audio files
extracted from .bars file to get .bwav, then converted into .wav


oh and be sure to read the README files on each folder as they contain some infos or notes i made. but i think i want to point one thing about animalese files: interestingly those files are personality based.

acquisition story: i followed all the tutorial here: , except the part of acquiring .bwav files from .bars file.
instead, i use this script here: from jackz314 of github. (i took the code from there and i built the tool myself, instead of using the built executable provided on release because i somehow got a bit of an issue with that).

i did not follow the steps on this thread: as mentioned from that thread above because one .bars file of villagers talking / animalese one contains over 230-ish .bwav files, and 59 .bwav files for vocal audio files and extracting them manually will be a tedious and exhaustive process.
You have my sympathy...
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Omg! Thank you so much! I've been looking for this for a few months now
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