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ThugPro level ripping
3D Modelling 
Hey i'm pretty new to blender and brand new to ripping and had some questions. I'm trying to set up a level for import into unity but I have been running into some problems. I was able to decompile the .prx level file into an importable .scn file, importing it into blender 2.79b using the thugtools addon (not available for 2.8). Things I noticed being that textures only show up in material preview, exporting as fbx messes up the textures, importing the project into 2.8 messes up the materials, and that materials cant be packed into an fbx file for import into unity iirc. So I guess the question is what do i need to do to prepare the blend file (and others in the future) for export? Here's a link to the blend file

A secondary problem I have is getting a traceback error when trying to export some levels as an fbx. I think it has something to do with the UV's? Here's a link to that one[Image: unknown.png]
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