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Possible Super Mario World prototype sprites found? - Please let me know!
Hello, everyone.

I found a guy on Twitter who tweets about prototypes in his collection. His Twitter username is The Video Game Project.

You may know him from this tweet he made April of last year. (Source:

This prototype seems to date back to 10/25/90. About a month or so before the full game released in Japan. He has yet to dump his prototypes online that I know of however, But I looked through his tweets and found something interesting! (Source:

I'm not sure if any of the sprites in this image are from a prototype or not. He said in the tweet's comments that he was comparing the released version of Super Mario World to the prototype.

If anyone knows if the sprites in the image are the same as the final version. Please let me know! Smile

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I have the files. I fixed those video gamers plumbing back when sandy hit new york haha. wat a world huh. Man what a time that was, now this corona shit goes on. Anyways yeah he gave me the files i'll send them to you for $5000 dollars

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(03-24-2020, 09:34 PM)The Handyman Wrote: for $5000 dollars
why not 20k? So we can call Bill Gates to afford for it
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