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Ripping sounds from Ford Racing 3?
The past week I have been trying to makeĀ a small modification for a game called Ford Racing 3, but I already found a problem. Thats what modding is, after all! Big Grin

So the game uses .SPC files to store the sounds for all engine sounds, but I cant open or extract anything from the files themselves, I tried Winamp and Foobar2000 with their respective .SPC addons, but nothing worked. Not even 7zip or WinRar can do anything with them.

Any ideas what I should/could try? One guy from the Sounds Resource site actually got to extract all of the UI and Engine sounds from the game, and Im quite curious how he managed to do so! Thanks! Smile

(And yes, its the PC version of the game, Im not sure about the console variants, but because I also have to put new sounds into the game, I need a method to somehow pack files into this specific format so the game can read it! Very nice! Tongue)
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