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[Help] Hot Wheels - Beat That! (Nintendo DS)
Hey everyone, tools for the formats listed below don't seem to exist anywhere on the internet (at least based on my research). However since some of you have a lot more experience in the ripping/tools department, I figured maybe ask for help anyways in hopes that maybe someone knows something I don't related to said formats. Now I have some experience with ROM hacking for the Nintendo DS, though no I never really published any, point is I have messed around with titles before so I am not completely new to the concept, I even have a collection of tools for various uses as well, however for this particular case, not even Every File Explorer can access these, so if anyone could shed some light on the situation, please do.

The following formats:
- .bspl_vlx
- .bvis
- .tex
- .bprop
- .coll_vlx
- .nsbmd_vlx
- .nsbca_vlx
- .nsbma_vlx
- .nsbta_vlx
- .nsbva_vlx
- .bin_vlx
- .dat_vlx
- .nsbmd_vlx

Now I know it seems like a lot of formats to cover, however I have tried every tool that I currently know of to try and open these. I even went as far as renaming the extensions (even though I already knew that wouldn't work, was worth a shot though) and seeing if any of the tools could pick up any of the data from the renamed assets. Nothing worked out in the end, I can access a few of the files of the game thankfully since it does have some known formats for the tools that I do have, however all of those specific assets aren't exactly what I am wanting to look at currently. That vlx extension at the end looks to be a pain in the butt.

Thanks for the help, and even if you can't help, thank for at least looking!
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