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Models from the game "We Happy Few"
Hello there! 
i ask for someone that can rip models from the game "We Happy Few", is a great game bioshock-like maybe not much know, i see.
I'm interested at first in the furniture, but also some other stuff will be interesting.
I can't believe can no one here play the game, so is strange that no one here who plays the game do not want rip at least the mask from the game...
so. there is all, can someone rip stuff from 
"We Happy Few"game?
Thanks again.
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I Tried by myself and after some problems i finally start to
have some results.
So i now have all the textures, and all the animated models.
But still have big issues with static models....

I tried to estract them with Umodel but the program crashes every time.
There are the issue report:
Serializing behind stopper (20FE+4 > 20FE)
FFileReader:Unsureerialize:File=MSH_Military_SockFolded.uasset <- FArchive::ByteOrderSerialize <- TArray:Unsureerialize:207/16842752 <- FStaticMeshLODModel4<< <- TArray:Unsureerialize:0/1 <- UStaticMesh4:Unsureerialize <- LoadObjectUnsuretaticMesh4'MSH_Military_SockFolded.MSH_Military_SockFolded', pos=20FE, ver=505/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.13 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage:MSH_Military_SockFolded <- ExportPackages <- CUmodelApp:UnsurehowPackageUI <- Main:umodel_build=1168

Someone that knows these things can help me?
There are a alternative to umodel?
i now have a lot of "uasset/ubulk" that i can't open....
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