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How to mass convert .BNT files & find out which tex is for an environment Pokemon SnS
I'm looking into environments in SnS which are underneath a folder, so it has many things inside it. My problem now is, how do I mass convert this instead of having to click on all 678 .bnts for it to show me what is inside each one.

That and is there an easy way to tell which texture goes to which environment? Do I need to do anything to the textures aswell? Like mirror the images like for models? Or is it, get environment, get texture and put them on and done. No mirroring needed.

This model is from a_0101 and is the fileĀ a_0101_10.gfbmdl. I'm attempting to figure out how to get the texture from 678 .bnts which I would also like to know if there is a way to mass select/extract them instead of having to double click on them.

[Image: 4D6xwOZ.png]
[Image: pS226WL.png]
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Has anybody figured out a way to do this more easily? Perhaps a better program?
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Bump. Sad
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