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SA2 City Escape Advance
Hey all,

So this sheet which I created ages ago... back when 'apparently' Comic Sans was an appropriate font choice.

But now days it's mediocre to put it nicely. I'm surprised it's still there to be honest... but I wanted to revise history and work on it. 

That said, actually looking at City Escape its a decent project. With different sections and elements, so thought I'd share progress as I work on things. First things first is the backdrop. Always thought of City Escape as being quite boring task assuming it was just a city scape but taking inspiration from Generations I realised how wrong I was thinking it would just look like Route 99 from Advance 3. Have attached a mockup and an example of parallax (, just to see how these things would come together.

Hey! Very cool that you're here.

This remake is coming along great. Awesome job. Can't wait to see the final product.
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