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(SOLVED) [Bootleg] Pocketown Adventure
Hey guys!
I am very interested on the new Pocketown custom Pokemons, which got newly patched into the game. Talking about:

I've actually ripped the whole games models ~1 year ago, but i don't remember how exactly cause i am ripping a lot from other games too.. And now since they got an update, it's a must-have for me to get those very special custom versions of Pokemons.

The games stores the content inside the OBB files(android), which can be unpacked easily using winrar/7zip. And then there is a file with no extension(probably encrypted). This is where i am currently stucking.
[Image: 514d946a23d107ef5b7c4bf0c4a042f2.png]

Normally, files like that can be unpacked using the AssetBundle Extractor or AssetStudio/UnityStudio, but that doesnt work on this one.
So my next try was to install the game on a Emulator, so it unpacks the package itself:
[Image: bb69c214fdffa4d13f9320e901e9d6e6.png]

Looks good, but most of folders are just emtpy. No files or models included. Only "Textures" and "PmMaps" having files in it, which also have no extension. So this is where i am currently stucking... :/

Is there anyone having experience with this kind of files or may have an idea what to try next? Any hint would be very appreciated! Heart
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Alright i just got it Big Grin
Solution was to install the game on an Emulator, letting it download and extract the obb file and then searching for the very hidden extraction with an root-explorer. It wouldnt find it, but using the backup function, it automatically gets the hidden files in a single backup-zip.
Inside this zip are all the model files, which can be unpacked again using Asset Studio.
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Nice work!
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Would you mind sending me the data files? I want to have a look myself but have no means to personally acquire them.
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Can you share the models you extracted or tell us the EMU and root explorer tools you used?

Models Resource only has a few of them, which were all uploaded by Hallow.

If you no longer have the models, it'd be great to hear more detailed steps so I can extract them if needed.
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