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[$ Varies] Sonic Models Wanted List
There are some models that I need from the following sonic games:

King Boom Boo from Sonic Runners (Achieved)

Blue Egg Pawn from Team Sonic Racing (Achieved)

Egg Fighter from Sonic Unleashed (also appeared in Generations) (Achieved)

Boom Boo from Sonic Lost World's Desert Ruins stage (Achieved)

Sonic and the black knight's wooden 'Goal' sign (Achieved)

King Boom Boo from Sonic Adventure 2 (Achieved)

NOTICE: all of these models have to be open-able through Blender. If you have a model that is ripped but not compatible for Blender, please change it so it can be opened through Blender.

These models also must have their textures

I will pay with PayPal for these wanted models, all I would need is your email/hotmail name so I can send it.
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