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custom sonic mania Tikal sprites (WIP)
So I am currently working on these mania custom Tikal the Echidna sprites and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise or criticism so I can make These sprites as good as they can be. These are currently the only sprites I can show right now but I will show some more of the sprites later on. Here is what I have so far

Tikal idle:
[Image: ddiy6u9-0c5d5875-4d13-49e5-a0a6-297537c4...TYRdeS4aPw]
Tikal Icon:
[Image: ddiy6ud-9352cfec-8359-423c-a6e3-b910d8bc...aKGojwffJ4]
Tikal continue:
[Image: ddiy6uh-e1b25a00-550e-4d32-85cd-00fb3d13...iXnI7t3bak]
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Update: Here are a few more of the Tikal mania sprites

Tikal gliding frame 1:

[Image: ddj1r45-fa707bb3-a452-4e42-8750-2730babd...jppHutgD6I]

Mini Tikal (prototype):

[Image: ddj1r3u-fc9642af-d864-4b76-9340-4ed4e027...376-qUPt60]
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