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Need help ripping map models from Infinity Blade 1
Hello everyone! Firestorm here! I was wondering if anyone had access to the files for Infinity Blade's maps?

I'm a modder for the game Robo Recall and as it's an Unreal Engine game I'd love to use the Temple from IB1 as a locale to fight the bots from Robo Recall in a modpack.
I already have a mod pack adding the Infinity Blade, as well as several other weapons from the game, into RR, I just need help getting ahold of the map's models, as I
don't have a copy of the app's files on hand anymore (they took it off the app store too, which is making it very difficult to find)

If anyone could help me out, I'd seriously appreciate it! I haven't really done any model ripping before, but even if someone just had a copy of the app's files,
I'd be extremely greatful!

If anyone has an Oculus Rift and is interested in checking out the RR mod with the Infinity Blade, here's a link -

- Firestorm
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