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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
Warning! Randy & Manilla it will unfortunately be on temporary on hold, in protest of Unity's new measures for 2024.

Full article link:

It could be canceled if it reaches more than 200,000 installations (due to new taxes).

[Image: unity_taxes_for_randy_and_manilla_by_ofi...ARI__c7RiU]
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Great news! Randy & Manilla won't longer have the risk of paying installation fees (at least not reaching 200,000), so the project will remain active (until further notice).
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[Image: 5a305e777e844822.png]

Randy & Manilla
wish you a happy year 2024.
However, for this year it can be a very decisive point for the project, so an important announcement will come at any time.
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After to overcome various obstacles and problems, I can tell you that we will soon have an important announcement that will mark the next development phase for Randy & Manilla.

[Image: 08b1d7279d0acbfc.png]

The following new features of the game will be presented from a new trailer that will be scheduled for February 29.
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I'm glad that I finally bring back a lot of information about Randy & Manilla project.
And also that it will come in early access in a couple of months.
All being shown by the one who will come next:

Although it may give even a little intrigue, at the same time, this raises some questions as to why I decided to opt for Early Access.
The truth is that it was a very difficult decision for me. The ideal would have been to have launched it completely by these dates,
but however they were unrealistic estimates due to several factors such as the lack of time available on the part of me and our freelancers team.
It also took me a long time to arrange as many details as possible, along with a tight budget.

All of them were factors why its development took longer than necessary, and in the end I opted for Early Access,
because I didn't want to delay any longer to show what we have done with the game so far.

But without a doubt, the worst part and the one that would have led the game to inevitable cancellation,
it was the enormous controversy that Unity had since September of last 2023 about the fact that they would pay a fee in their runtime.
However, thinking coldly, in the case of this project it is very unlikely that this is the case, specially since now it is no longer retroactive and they wouldn't charge fees until Unity Pro,
a relief thanks to the enormous pressure of the community.
But even with that, few confidence it has remained (at least for the long term), so I have no doubt that Randy & Manilla would be the last project made with Unity.
Returning to the topic, we review some of the new features shown in the trailer for Early Access:

[Image: r-m-uptext-19_orig.png]

[Image: RM_-_Amplified_minimap_2.png]

If the minimap alone wasn't enough to orient yourself to the selectable Net-Cubes, it will be possible to enlarge it and also to be able to rotate it to obtain a full map picture.
That makes for a great guide to directing the ship to the Net-Cube it needs to go to.

[Image: r-m-uptext-20_orig.png]

[Image: 20240225_122248.gif]

Surely one of the most criticized and requested points of the game, is that Randy moves slowly.
Although in reality it isn't that Randy is slow, but because of his animation he seems slow.
That's why the sprint button has been added for Randy (and also Manilla).

[Image: RM_Uptext_21.png]

[Image: Randy_Manilla_E-mailer_in_Quantum_City_2.png]

The giant cyan Net-Cube from the center of the colorful cumulus is Quantum City.
It's a big electronic city where both E-Mailer and Blue Quantáramo reside.
With the inclusion of this Net-Cube along with the rest of those already available, there is a total of more than 30 levels that will come in advance for Early Access.

[Image: Why_Steam_GOG_icons_have_loadi.png]

As a last point, and as a curiosity for those who have been more attentive when watching the end of the trailer.
Why the Steam & GOG logos have loading bars?
Well, that is because as of the date of this article, its pages its files are still under construction, and they also need approval from their respective store managers.
If approved, you can add the game to wishlists until May 10.
In any case, it can also be obtained on both the and Patreon pages.

Depending on how the game receives from launch day, it could even slightly speed up the development of new content that will come through free updates.

Meanwhile, you can also see a preview of the first game cutscene:

We hope there are players who come wanting to try the game.
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It's been two weeks since I announced that Randy & Manilla would also appear in Early Access on Steam
(you can see it at the end of the trailer):

And after several long processes for the game to be accepted on the platform, I can finally declare that Randy & Manilla is officially on Steam!
If you are interested in the project, I leave you the following link to include in your wishlists:

And the thing doesn't end here. As the launch day approaches, new details will be revealed (including the price), so the page will be updated accordingly.

[Image: randy-manilla-steam-cover.png?1710323527]
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A new keyblade & heartbinder for Kingdom Hearts IV has leaked! Both based on Randy & Manilla:

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After finding out that Early Access was only a month away, I dedicated a shorter and more summarized trailer:

In addition to that, also a 3-minute gameplay video:

(Note: At the end of them, the GOG icon doesn't appear, because I didn't get an official response from their respective administrators, or basically it wasn't accepted to be included in their store).
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