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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-07-2019

Hi, Ofihombre is back. Lately I have come up with several ideas to create an indie super production of a videogame to which I will explain below:

[Image: ddh6qv8-817e16fb-5111-4a79-8f2b-894a76d7...l1GFBgmQNY]

Randy & Manilla is a game project that for years I wanted to do it with the company of people dedicated to the indie sector of video games and art, and I would like have a great support so that it can become a reality to be able to develop this indie project that has occurred to me in the best way possible.

I will show you some examples that the game will have:

Game sipnosis:
On the year 2142, In the mysterious interior of the quantum supercomputer created by Lambert Wilson, there is a cyber-universe surrounded by a brightly colored cubes called "Net-Cubes" that inside have a fantastic virtual worlds of pixelated structures, abstract and even in various ways. It is free from threats like hackers, cyber-spies and corporate and government organizations. But that doesn't mean that they have their own threats, such as the villain of the red Net-Cube, "Cracksom Virus" a dominant virus that puts all Net-Cubes in danger of being permanently eliminated in their favor and expanding their empire of computing corruption.

Then a message algorithm called "E-Mailer" arrives at the world of "Bloxland Qubitown", the home of Randy and Manilla, giving them an urgent notice that the entire cyber-universe is in a big danger of being destroyed by Cracksom, urging and begging to be their heroes, and they accepted the mission and they will embark on a great adventure about the different Net-Cubes, but E-Mailer will also accompany and open them portals to access the new worlds.

The Main Characters:
[Image: d34bc35a0e77951eb1053546661f42cd_origina...a8d21b6090]
Randy Qubit Pix-It: Bold, somewhat brave and motivated. Their power ups are of fireballs and strength, which can remove obstacles and many enemies.

[Image: 2f12b0ef4c760a54947e6dc8fdd1f2d7_origina...64b6c33ba1]
Manilla Von-It: The younger sister, cheerful, optimistic. Her power ups are speed, which can run, give quick attacks and mini-teleports that pass through glass walls and fences. In a few phases it will run similar to Sonic.

[Image: 16c1cdb8901886152465078c805e2883_origina...5daf594ad1]
E-Mailer: The Messenger Algorithm that sends emails through all Net-cubes of the supercomputer. When he warns of a virus danger (such as Cracksom), he goes to alert Randy, Manilla or any other hero to motivate them to save Net-cubes from the impending disaster.

The World Map Concept:
[Image: eb1d39570b9b402e69db4fa5f533b0e9_origina...70eb91eafe]
Each selectable Net-Cube of the game, represents and refers to a certain videogame genres (RPG, Platform, Arcade, Shooter, etc.), with distinctive colors compared to most (behind will be shown a screenshot of a very early prototype version of what it consists of).

[Image: 7b6bd282961025426d616bd7c59eb304_origina...119bae25d4]
The two cubes in blue a little less clear, will possibly be the selectable worlds.

[Image: 5dcf807051b0e5740e06a8c948011908_origina...db494a774d]
Upon entering inside of the Net-Cubes, they are also the entry to discover the worlds of its interior to that these game genres represent. Such for example Terra-Qubit, where the levels are of the platforms genre accompanied by a retro and pixelated mosaic aesthetic.

Gameplay Example:

To better understand about its important role that represent the Net-Cubes for the game itself, I have made a short video about a prototype demo of the project.

In this you can make a free travel on the cyber-universe surrounded by Net-Cubes of various colors driving with a ship (a simple cube), when entering on the brown Net-Cube, the screen menu with the title of the world (Terra-Qubit) is activated as if it were another videogame inside it, going through an interactive stage of the map of the levels based on the gender of the platforms, in the first level (of the blue tile) the camera follows the character with a perspective similar to Super Mario 3D Land / 3D World, making reference to the 3D linear platforms. And the basic object for a platform game that helps follow the player, They are bright yellow cubes called "Net-Points" that when you pick them up, he get points that fill the score, and there is also a Power-Up that is activated at the right time to defeat enemies and reach the goal.

My inspiration about the Project:
This indie game project, being partly multi-genre, it could host many classic game references, also the dark and post-apocalyptic origin on a supercomputer with Net-Cubes that stores memories of humanity before its extinction, may have some touch of Ready Player One, but taken to an even farther future, and several virtual environments would also have the simple and funny style of Wreck-It Ralph (specially by the main characters, and the game title its obvioulsy a reference).

As you have seen, it may seem like a video game idea that sounds curious or even interesting, but nevertheless this project can't be complete and well developed with the current means that I have. My great lack of resources to develop it full time made me force to create a campaign on Kickstarter:
Although it was approved for being the best edited possible and through the updates, I'm not getting the necessary support to achieve my goal (What did I do wrong? what I know is that I haven't made a good impression and I don't have a campaign video yet).

If it fails I have other plans, But the most important thing is that I need several things for a better look for my indie videogame project:
- Great Artworks based on the Characters & Worlds (faithful to those I have taught)
- Great 3D models based on the characters and with animations included (faithful to those I have taught)
- Scripts and programming codes suitable for each world that represents a videogame genre
- Animated Shortfilms for Cutscenes
- 2D Art & Pixelart
- Original Soundtrack that fits well to the game
- Voice dub for the characters

If you are interested in supporting me and need a better reference, you can go to my Patreon account:

Anyway, it's clearly a very complicated game that I will take years to develop. I don't know how I'm going to manage this only, if I'm not even excellent in any field.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-10-2019

I think this is the best I could in making 3D models of some characters and elements of the game:

[Image: EGhNrgpX0AA-lJl?format=png&name=900x900]
Randy Qubit Pix-It

[Image: EGgy_geWwAAzmpV?format=png&name=small]

[Image: EGhNrg5XUAAm0cW?format=png&name=900x900]
E-Mailer's ship

[Image: EGhNrguXUAEIC38?format=jpg&name=large]
The Net-Cubes

They may have their merit, but if they have a better view they will surely know that they are missing some details to add or correct for a better design. That is why I don't feel sufficiently capable of having an excellently finished game.

I also have other ideas for the Randy & Manilla game that I wanted to hide until they were finished to avoid spoilers, But if the purpose of this thread is to seek help to develop the project, I will have for the most interested to leave the other characters that the game will have to and how they should be:

- Cracksom Virus
Style: Supervillian, Virus
Features: Cyborg, floating, virus representations
Biography: The main villain of the game and the Emperor Virus of his own corrupt Net-Cube (Cracksom Fortress), its plan is to penetrate the base of the quantum computer of Wilson to complete the infection of all net-cubes for later destruction and then also get invade the real world left by humans.
It also sends its viruses minions scattered in several Net-Cubes to prevent Randy & Manilla from bothering his great plan.

- Lambert Wilson Ferrer
Style: Realistic European Human
Features: Glasses, scientist suit
Biography: Prestigious scientist and computer scientist born in the United Kingdom with a Catalan mother and a British father, his mission is build a secret base in Antarctica with a quantic supercomputer for the permanent preservation of information and the legacies of mankind, and that he could resist everything possible against the threats of climate change and government and corporate control.

- Hao-Li Jefferson
Style: Realistic Asian Human
Features: Hacker
Biography: Chinese hacker born in the United States who moved to Taiwan.
He have collected and stored all possible information and he obtained it with all possible means (from VPNs to decentralized networks as Zero-Net) during the previous decades to the implementation of restrictive and authoritarian laws to Internet.

- Jay Gamer McDay "The Gameboss"
Style: Cartoon
Features: Repellent smile, Gamer Cap, arcade T-shirt & Sonic-Like shoes
Biography: The Supergamer owner of the Net-Cube of Gamezone Cube. He tests Randy and Manilla with several challenges with giant arcade video game machines.

- Venny Loopsuit
Style: Vanellope-Like
Features: violet hair, whitish lilac and purple racer clothes, helmet with star
Biography: The young and expert racer of the Net-Cube Wonder Race.
She is the one who She will help Manilla during his adventure until the final race.

- Virdueen
Style: Spiritual female entity
Features: variations of blue, violet, turquoise and pink, square particles emitting in the hairstyle, floating
Biography: The Queen of Net-Cube Abstractia. She is the one that points to Randy and Manilla specific emotional challenges in the Cubic Hall of sensations.

- Blue Quantáramo
Style: Pixar-Like
Features: Military suit, blue skin
Biography: The Mayor and Commander of Quantum City. He is responsible to send the alert message to E-Mailer about the threat of
Cracksom Virus to Randy and Manilla. Having waited for the arrival at his office, he tells them that must go to the first Net-Cube (Quantum HHD) to know its origin and why they were chosen to stop Cracksom.

- Yuri Crime Masuka
Style: Anime
Features: black headband, platinum blonde hair, anime clothes, crime, death and Japanese tattoos, scars, dagger and gun
Biography: Former member of a crime band of the Net-Cube of FakePeace.
She is also an expert shooter at Blacksquare Qubit-Battle.

As you can see, these are several examples of the characters that I have planned for the plot of the game, and with many details shown to have a better idea of how to design them. If you want to see a little more about them, you can join my Patreon:

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - Simpsons Dumper - 10-11-2019

I don't think you've researched Kickstarter properly. You've listed a few goals, but they're all under €100,000. If you don't get the project goal of €100,000, which is... ahem... unrealistic, the backers don't get charged and you receive nothing.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-11-2019

Yes, I started very badly with the Kickstarter campaign, with the project just started and without a campaign video it makes it impossible to reach €100,000. €416 was just budget to make a prototype with a level, 4 simple characters to make and some graphic touch-ups, I tried to imitate the success of the Yooka Laylee or A Hat in Time campaigns with a similar objective so that it gets closer to the quality of these titles, and it wasn't so.
Although I have Patreon, and if one day my project has a better development and looks more attractive, I can try again in places like Indiegogo.

But the most important thing isn't that, is I need support to get development material for my project. For example, I leaved a list of the characters that I have planned for the game, with all its basic features for those who want to design them and have an idea, and better with the sketches that I have in my Patreon.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - Simpsons Dumper - 10-11-2019

You can try again on Kickstarter as well. The failed campaign will remain, but there's nothing to say you can't make another campaign for the same thing. The thing to do would be have a lower funding goal, and then stretch goals so you can offer more if you get however much beyond your goal. It's not like less than €100,000 would be no use to you, and there's no limit to how far beyond the goal funding can go. I think it's no use aiming sky high with the "all or nothing" system in place.

Obviously later on you may have more stuff to show, such as a video, which will always be helpful, and you could revise the rewards, such as having a copy of the final release being a reward, not just the alpha or beta! If adding physical rewards, be cautious with the production and shipping costs, since it's easy to not account for something and break even, or even worse make a loss.

Since what you have here seems to be a one-man project (unless I've got the wrong idea), I'd use Demetrios as inspiration. Funded on Kickstarter, released on many platforms, made by one guy (except some translations/music) who was previously completely unknown:

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-11-2019

My goal of the campaign is to find a development team for my project, I was going to include some limited physical reward, but my parents didn't want to do it for me, and they are the same ones who told me that making a own company for develop is too expensive and also for social security taxes. That's why I set that exaggerated €100,000 goal. But Indiegogo and Patreon remain my second chance to carry out my project, and also the support of the community.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - Simpsons Dumper - 10-12-2019

If you are 22, almost 23, there's no need to get parents into the mix. You can sort out physical products independently. You don't need a company for an indie game - at least not anything registered. I don't really know what the tax situation is, but for now you won't have any taxes.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-14-2019

Maybe I don't need to find a company, but the option of making my own. What I really need is people dedicated to each sector important for the development of the game (3D Models, OST, Animations, Scripts, etc.), and I don't know where to look for them and what they can do for me. I had tried it before with Rafa Knigth in Discord, and he couldn't make the request to design the main characters.
Here who could help me for the development of my project?

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-14-2019

I Also have opened my Discord server about the Randy & Manilla project:
You can contact me to contribute to the development of the game.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - iyenal - 10-17-2019

(10-14-2019, 09:50 AM)ofihombre7 Wrote: I Also have opened my Discord server about the Randy & Manilla project:
You can contact me to contribute to the development of the game.

You need to include the Discord invite, not the channel link or we're unable to join.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-17-2019

Thanks by your notice iyenal, Here I bring my Discord invitation:
It has to be like a banner, really?

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-20-2019

In the Kickstarter campaign of the project (link:
I have offered a little more content with another world of another genre:

And I made some changes with optional extra goals and improvements to make it more interesting, but still doesn't have result. Clearly everything should have done better from the beginning, and not halfway.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-20-2019

Yes, but the levels are also part of Concept Art, 2D & Pixelart and 3D models/texture, it's not something totally separate.

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - ofihombre7 - 10-21-2019

Hey guys, I have published a pre-alpha demo of the game Randy & Manilla on

Warning: Is for Windows 10

How about if you want to try it?

RE: Randy & Manilla (Help for developing) - Simpsons Dumper - 10-21-2019

I tried it but don't know what to make of it. Some of the controls and whatnot are a bit janky, and exiting the settings crashed the game, but that's to be expected for pre-alpha. It runs smoothly, which is always good.  :)