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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
[Image: randy-manilla-indie-summit_orig.png]

After 3 months without receiving new news about the project, here comes the first for 2021, and a big one:

Randy & Manilla has been selected for the 2021 Valencia Indie Summit.
It is on the list of the 50 finalists of that event. A presentation will take place sometime on March 4.

(Watch in the finalists lists):
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[Image: r-m-indiedb-poll_orig.png]

A poll has been open in the IndieDB page of Randy & Manilla. Here you can vote on which part you want the most to improve in the project.
This poll is available until May 19.
Poll link:
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2021 is being a year that seems very insecure to release a new Randy & Manilla version (especially how the Internet changed), apart from the fact that I still have a lot ahead of me. But as compensation and proof that I continue with the development, I leave these 3 cool renders of the main characters (Randy, Manilla and E-Mailer):

[Image: delsgy4-04c8139b-aefc-4e8d-a294-b2dad444...Qf4tsm0mE0]
Randy Qubit

[Image: delsh83-f5a75a2c-b095-4fe6-abeb-2acb5dcb...AY-geSUPKc]

[Image: delshep-078e1dca-9971-420b-9bc0-e2596049...N1F8auCqcc]

The good thing is that in the discord server during this 2021, it was a little more active and that we have reached to 13 members.
(Invitation link to the Randy & Manilla's Discord server):
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[Image: 1.gif?token-time=1627257600&token-hash=5...sfzw5_8%3D]

Very bad news, I had to close public access in the page of Randy & Manilla due to unusual activity detected by analytics (in which he was counting a lot of empty visits that didn't contribute anything to the game and that came every hour or two by repetitive patterns, and the origin of all these visits wasn't even detected).

I have a topic what better explains about this matter:

But don't worry, this doesn't mean that the game will be canceled, the game is still available in other sites,
like indieDB (
& Indiexpo (

And still has a way to be able to access the page:
The password is: R-and-M

I will reopen when the problem is solved or better, the new update It will come with a new and renewed page.
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I have even tried changing a bit the URL direction of my game (of /randy-manilla to /randy-and-manilla), and it doesn't even stop the artificial view increase, because it basically led to the same site regardless of the URL change.
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[Image: manilla-happy-by-the-reopen-of-the-game-page_orig.png]

Great news! the problem of the views counter in Randy & Manilla's page it's finally over.
We are glad that this incident is temporary. And as promised, I have reopened the page.
Now the views come at a more natural and unpredictable pace.

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