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full dump of Spyro Reignited dragon elder models (74 total)
heyo, i'm new to the forums and (fairly) new to ripping, but i thought i might introduce myself by sharing my first completed library of rips. 73/74 are pending approval at models resource as i just submitted them on the 1st this month, but in the meantime i thought i might share them here with anyone who wants to get their hands on them ahead of time. it could also provide an opportunity for people to test drive them, as while i did take a good look, i admittedly didn't have time to test each of them super extensively after converting and packaging them together.
in the ripping process there were plenty of errors along the way - the biggest and most frustrating was most versions of umodel failing to rip the facial rigs properly and having to look for a build that would do the job - but i finally figured out how to solve each part of the puzzle and pulled together a very neat and consistent dragon collection that i'm hoping others might enjoy too. i spent a lot of time treating each one with as much care and attention as possible, and the project in full took some weeks by myself between my jobs, so please take care of these models!
i can recommend re-plotting the material textures from scratch and not forgetting to look for emission textures if any. i'm particularly fond of the life a bit of glow can bring to some of these dragons

draggo repository on mediafire

i also included a folder were i have my previews and (not resized yet) thumbnails for the models-resource submissions, for your reference if you want to download certain dragons individually. i'm particularly happy with how my thumbnail renders turned out, as it was my opportunity to add a bit of personal touch to the set :> cheers!

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