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A Level Select Cheat Code's Not Working For Me
I'm working on ripping graphics from the SNES version of The First Samurai.

Since most of the sprites and stage tiles are stored compressed in VRAM, I found a level select code to get me to the stages I wanna rip from faster. Unfortunately, every time I enter the code and the game starts me at the very first level of the game! Surprise

I don't get it. I entered the code correctly, so why didn't it work? Can someone who's entered this level select code before help me out here?

P.S: Here's how the code works: On the title screen you press SELECT to go to the options menu, then you hold down L, R, X, and A and press one of the directional buttons to be warped directly to a level (The level you go to depends on which directional button you pressed.).
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It's because keyboards can't handle more than 3 keys being pressed at the same time. Go to the key config and set l,r,x,a to one key (let's say, j), then you just have to hold down j and press a direction key.
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