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I Drew these.
I made these two as sprites for tSR, but I guess they look more like textures.         Hope you enjoy. I need ideas for some more though.
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Look, I'm going to be real with you.

You've got quite a bit to improve on. These aren't even in paper mario style.

The problem is you're trying to replicate a style that you haven't studied hard enough that, mind you several artists took years to develop. Not to mention there's not really anything that stands out to me that would make it worth my time to critique on because you have a strong lack of understanding some of the fundamentals of art.

Instead of trying to come up with more ideas, take a step back. Get a pen and paper, study how shapes work, how line works, and how color theory and lighting work. More importantly, study from real life. You need to understand those concepts more so before you attempt to try to understand the methods and materials that allowed them to make that style work to begin with.

Hell to be even more honest I'm also not sure if this thread is in the right place, but I'll let a mod decide on that.
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