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Fire Emblem Three Houses voice clips rip?
I want Edelgard von Hresvelg's voice clips in 2 languages, English and Japanese.

And Byleth Male and Female voices........

Here's any way for rip the character voices clips from Fire Emblem Three Houses?
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It's probably easy enough to rip things given that most of the audio seems to be stored in known-format containers in the romfs, but everything inside is unnamed last I checked.
I'll extract and upload all the sounds right now (excluding music) just to have everything there
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Combat voices (such as grunts and crit quotes) are actually inside DATA1, and the format for the type is unknown.

They are stored within ktsl2asbin files inside DATA1 (we know this because they had to update Male Byleth's voice in 1.0.2, giving us a chance to see what they changed).
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