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Ratchet and Clank trilogy ripping?
Heya fellas

So the Ratchet and Clank games have been getting a bunch of models uploaded, which is awesome, but it's started to slow down again. I'd like to help with that, but I've had no luck ripping from the HD trilogy or the originals.

I tried Ninja Ripper for the ps2 games which as expected, resulted in an extremely deformed mesh that Blender can't seem to open correctly (noesis works but again, extremely deformed). Basically unusable.

I've tried to use the mesh extractor that the other Ratchet rippers here use for the HD trilogy, but I can't seem to get at the ".ps3" files that contain the models. I have the game, have ripped, opened and verified the iso file so it's in a decrypted folder format (I must emphasise, THIS IS MY OWN, PHYSICAL COPY OF THE GAME), but I can find nothing but sound files, cutscenes and the occasional picture. I've asked the other active ripper here for help, and one that may have some good rips on the Ratchet wiki, but nobody answers me and it's incredibly frustrating.

From what I could find, one of the other rippers said something about being in possession of the engine files, which I can't find because nobody put instructions on the internet on how to get at it. Do I need to crack open the eboot.bin somehow? How do I do it? WHERE. ARE. THE. MOBYLOADS!?

Please help me, I really want to get Ratchet 3's weapons on here, among other things.
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