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Looking for skilled 3dsMax person!
Just found this forum and maybe hit a jackpot! 

Looking for a person who could do a bit of a work with models, aka convert some models to another game [that reads .ebm models].
Got the 3dsMax script/exporters needed, a bit clunky, but working. 

The price will be agreed on the amount of models that can be converted and all details to be discussed before hand.

P.S. This this is not one-off type of work, but most likely quite few jobs lined up.

If anyone interested and able to do it, get in touch with me or add me on discord MrSensei#2966
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I might be interested, I like tedious, monotonous clicking for work, lol

What prices were you thinking, what model formats do you have the models in, and what do you need them converted to? And would it have to be with Max, or could it be with Blender?
Check out my website for more info on what I do: My Website Wink
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