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I'm a huge sucker for modding support, and if a game has modding support (ex: Witcher 3, Skyrim, Mass Effect trilogy, etc.), I mod it until I can't find any more mods I like, or until the game won't accept any more mods. Only this past spring was I inspired to start learning how to make mods rather than merely downloading them, since I was very intimidated by technological terms and other scripting stuff. I figured that if I'm going to do a first time mod for anything, I should start by using materials from the game I play practically every day.

Which brings me here: I came here specifically because of the Smash Ultimate model thread, since Smash Ultimate is my go-to downtime experience. The reason I decided to register rather than just lurk was so I could post on the Smash Ultimate model thread for help. 

need as much help as I can get, as I have no experience or background in anything involving models, Blender, ripping, plugins, scripting, or modding in general. So I apologize in advance if I ask a lot of "needy" questions, or if I ask you guys to explain things in *very* simple terms, as I'm pretty much learning on the fly.

I hope that my time here learning how to rip/rig models will help contribute to others' modding efforts. 
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