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Smash Remix! A SSB64 Mod
Hello everybody!
Just here to announce the newest character, Falco has been released!

What is the purpose of Smash Remix?
To expand Smash 64 with new characters, stages, etc. while staying true to its core gameplay. There will not be an effort to add mechanics from the other smash games, e.g. wave dashing, fun cancelling, etc.

The vision involves having tournaments where the new characters are pitched against the old ones, all the clones being viable against the originals.

Release page is here:

Enjoy everybody!
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New Update!

New Character Dr. Mario has been released!

We are also merging with SSBMSE to bring more stages!

No longer do stages have to be replaced to have new ones! Stage pages have been added! Play on the classics or all new ones!
Flip through them by pressing Z/R

Download links:
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