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[Jobs Filled]
[as of 7/5/19 - This post can be deleted as the jobs have been filled.]

Hey there everyone, long time no see.

I'm gonna get right into it: I'm currently trying to get a 2d Metroidvania style game off the ground and I'm in the market for a programmer and a pixel artist. Of course these would be paid jobs. My goal right now is to create a demo- a proof of concept really.

For the pixel artist, here are some examples of the style I'm trying to go for:
[Image: kBsmPe.gif][Image: %2FZ%2F5Ir.gif]
As for the programmer, I'm looking to start off on PC with the possibly of moving over to console should the game prove successful. I've never programmed before so i hope that helps at least narrow down what engines that could be used.

The best way to contact me would be either right here or through e-mail:

Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from you soon.
[Image: 6yfjuBN.png]

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