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Pre SF1 Fan Fic and Sprites - Young Gouken / Akuma / Sagat / Bison / Zeku / Gen, etc.
This was based on an idea a buddy of mine had a long time ago, in the early 2000's. It was set to take place in 1970, almost 20 years before SF1. I was going use Gouken and Akuma's appearances from Assisn's Fist originally, and I was going to try and make M. Bison, Go, Sagat and Zeku in Capcom vs SNK form. But I thought it would be better to do them in Alpha form, so I re-did most of them. Also, I decided to leave a couple of characters out that I originally had in it. But if it were up to me, I would still keep Rose, Retsu, Geki and Haggar along with the ones below. Sean Alty actually made a pretty good Haggar, and that would make an even 12 characters.

Well here's the link if anyone's interested:

For the sprites, from lefft to right that's: Akuma, Gouken, Go, Gen, Zeku, M.Bison, Dorai (Chun Li's father from the Anime), and Sagat. Bottom is just an older Gouken with white hair lol

[Image: pre-sf1-sprites.png]

My thinking was Gouken and Akuma become the new Ryu / Ken team with Gouken being a slower but stronger Ryu and Akuma just baically being like he is now - a pumped up Ken. Zeku is the grappler and would have a different move set that in SF5 with the ability to both teleport and grapple so that grapple moves could be pulled out of nowhere. Rose is the female character. Bison's the charge character. Dorai would be the fast, flyer character sort of like Chun Li but with his own moveset. Go would sort of be like a cross of Sagat and Takuma and would be the main boss (tried to replicate Takuma's stance from AoF2). This way the game would be more balanced. It wouldn't really be anything new game play wise, it would mainly just be a fan service game to explain some of the events leading up to SF1.

Would love to hear what people think of this. Hope you enjoy.
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